Andrew Kirby's Procrastination Program Reviews + Sneak Peek

Andrew Kirby's Procrastination Program is a transformational experience that has helped 250+ people overcome procrastination and get freedom in 42 days. This page contains reviews, a sneak-peak demo and more.

What is TimeTheory?

Life is simple.

We are born, time passes, and then we die. How we use that time is far more important than you think.

If we use our time wisely, we live a great life. If we use our time wastefully, we will live a bad life. It's as simple as that.

TimeTheory's mission is to help people use their time wisely.

How do we do this?

The most effective way we've found to help people go from using their time wastefully (procrastinating) to using their time wisely, is through a transformational experience we call the Procrastination Program. Below is a sneak-peak demo video.

But does it work?

Andrew Kirby's Procrastination Program Reviews

The Callum Trilogy



1 Year Update

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Chris' Review

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Steven's Review (Entrepreneur)

Tom's Review

Thierry's Review

Steven's Review

Tyler's Review

Florin's Review

Fyodor's Review

Jim's Review (Retired)

Peter's Review

What next?

Now that you've seen the Procrastination Program reviews, it's clear that this works. The next step is to apply for a strategy session with an ex-student.