December 17

Steven’s Review Of The Procrastination Program – Andrew Kirby


Video Transcript - Rough

hi, I'm Steve. And this video is a review of my experience going through Andrew Kirby's procrastination course before I stumbled upon this course, uh, I wasn't very happy with the way my life was going, but I was tired of complaining about my situation and not doing anything about it. So I set off on this.

Self improvement binge, if you will not really knowing where to start or how to get that results I wanted, or even having a plan and how to achieve the goals I wanted to achieve. And let me tell you that is not a good strategy for success. I wasn't very successful. Um, in fact, I felt very frustrated all the time because I'd started project at their project and inevitably.

Uh, those projects pushed aside after the initial boost of motivation, um, I had would wane, um, I was struggling like really, really struggling to, to make any sort of lasting results. And then, um, I stumbled upon this course and I thought maybe this will help. So I signed up, I was super motivated to start.

But, um, if I'm honest, after the first week I was super, super skeptical, I was doubting the worth of this course. I was having, um, a little bit of buyer's remorse if you will. Uh, but having completed this course now, um, I can say 100% that my first interview depression was dead, dead, dead, wrong. And what changed my mind was actually going through the course, doing the work, doing the exercises, applying the strategies day in and day out.

And that's when I started to make some progress and understand the value of this course and see the impact that it was making on my life. Um, so much so. That for the first time in my life, I can say I have the confidence that I have control over how my life progresses. Um, that's not to say though that I no longer procrastinate or I'm some sort of productivity genius.

Um, to be honest for me, uh, Progress has been slow, but, but the big, but I'm still making progress, which is way, way better than when I was doing before. Um, and to illustrate this value of this course, um, while trying to make this video, I procrastinated. So, so, so much. Um, but I had the tools, I had the strategies, I had the knowledge, um, gained by going through this course to, to overcome it and to obviously, um, make this video.

So I don't know. I think that that sends a lot, at least it says a lot to me. Right. Okay. Um, anyways, that's all I wanted to do, uh, share about my experience going through this course. Uh, bye.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.