December 17

Thierry’s Experience With The Program


Video Transcript - Rough

Hi. So my name is Jerry I'm from Switzerland, and I also took part in Andrews and procrastination program. And I'm just going to quickly talk about my experience with it. So I always wanted to create games and do something amazing and inspire others. Like I have been inspired, so I want to really live the.

Artist life in a really modern kind of sense. So I realize those dreams really clearly in front of me a while ago. And for me, the main reason that I took part in Andrew's program was that I was, I was just realizing that so much of the time. Um, I could have been putting towards my dreams. I wasn't really utilizing.

And, uh, it just made me feel bad about myself and, you know, there are based at are better than others. Um, but I just knew that if I really had to, if I really wanted to create something great and fulfill my dream, which is, um, a rather big one, uh, I need to step it up and really start to think about. What I spend my time with and how I can just stop the bad habits of procrastination.

And, um, so how Andrew's program helped me, it's mostly that he gives you a big set of tools to overcome any kind of procrastination and be a more productive person. So that you can fulfill your dreams in a, in a better way. So for me, I, at first wasn't really sure how, like, what can he tell me, um, that I don't already know, but it was just every time we had a call, it was just really intense and I was ready.

I was putting in the work to get to learn how to overcome procrastination. And, um, it just really. He gave me all the tool sets that you need. So whatever it is you do. So if you have, if you work in the creative field or if you work nine to five job or whatever it is, um, this program is fitted specifically towards you and it go, um, he will go look at your situation and assess it from there.

And then he will. Custom tailor the program to your specific needs. So, yeah, for me, um, I, I lead a pretty complicated life with a lot of different projects I'm working on and it's very unusual and there are not a lot of people in my environment that do the similar, a similar kind of thing, but I was still able to, um, improve my current workflow and.

Um, have, uh, a tool set, ready to end bad habits. So whatever kind of procrastination is, I can just go back to those tools that I learned with Andrew and utilized them. And yeah, that's how this program has influenced me.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.