December 17

Peter Hanson’s Review Of Procrastination Program


Video Transcript - Rough

Hello. Uh, my name is Peter Hansen and this is my video review for Andrew Kirby's procrastination program where I was before I started the program. Um, wasn't too bad. I have always had like a pretty nice life, I guess you could say, but I've. Developed a lot of skills in regard to procrastinating and got very good at putting off things I should be doing.

And as someone who's very social, I spent a lot of time with friends. Um, my apartment was pretty untidy. I wasn't super messy, but it definitely could have been cleaner. It's my apartment's much cleaner now than it was then. Um, and I smoked a lot of weed too. I did that pretty regularly just with my friends and.

Sometimes just on my own and stuff would just get high. If there was nothing else to be doing. Um, I spend a lot of time socially interacting, like I said, um, spent a lot of money because of that. Uh, More money than I should be spending was definitely operating outside of a reasonable budget. I kind of was just scraping by with the money I'd get from my job and then I'd spend it all on really just going out and like drinking and stuff like that.

Um, one of the biggest things for me before I started the program was that I had this sensation that I have more potential and it would get to me a lot and I would be in this constant back and forth of. I'm getting stuff done or I could get stuff done because I know I'm capable, but then I just never would.

And I sought a lot of instant gratification. That was a big thing of mine. I like to just fill things with what ever kept me from getting bored. Uh, I, I spent very little time working towards like a true vision or any kind of long-term goals as well. So then I started the program and week one, some of the key points that I had were that making a greater demand for my time than what I actually have available is the concept was just great to me because that logically doesn't allow for procrastination to really exist.

Um, so that was a really good sort of like initial tool for that. And then the concept of extreme ownership. Really stuck with me as well, really getting into the feeling of like I'm in command of everything I do. I felt pretty excited by the end of this week. Uh, I was looking forward to changing my life.

I had some nervousness about making it through the program just because it was week one and I was six weeks seemed so long to me and all that stuff. Uh, I. Was very motivational by the end of it, the content motivation like motivated me quite a bit. And it seemed very genuine. Um, and the basic skills, like I said, that the scheduling playing tomorrow, today, that kind of stuff, um, it was incredible.

I mean, these tools are just astounding. Uh, we too, one of the cool key points was the, of course the seven routes of procrastination. But Mike biggest ones were lack of urgency and instant gratification at diction. Uh, I would say that since I can supply myself with instant gratification all the time, that is what really allowed like a lack of urgency to flourish.

Um, week to having me make a plan for my life. And. Sort of like get detailed about what I want to be and to push myself towards those goals was good just to everybody has those ideas, but once you actually sit down and put them on something that you're going to look at all the time, it's, it's great. Um, the Kirby method was a really cool thing from week two as well.

And the locus of control that concept stuck with me a lot about. Um, internal versus external factors and things like that. And the procrastination log was handy that helped me get into the exercise of identifying quickly and effectively. What I do when I procrastinate. And the STEM roots is like going back to the seven routes.

You could just find something on that list of fruits that would pertain to it. So my review for the second week was that it really helped me identify with myself and. Showed me like a lot of the deeply rooted causes for my procrastination. I felt humbled and refreshed with morale towards overcoming my chance.

And then week three is the vision. The vision is such a profound point for me. Uh, just the tips that I have are that there were helpful tips on how to create a vision. And what to avoid, which is brief, but my feelings towards that week were that it may have been the most profound week of the program.

Had never, once in my life actually sat down and created like a five-year plan, which is what I made for myself. Um, and I have that now and I look at it every day and I, it. Has changed my life. The long-term effects of reaching my vision, continue to make me feel so lifted. And the clarity my life is now, now has this improved his quality greatly.

Some I. My sense of direction and everything. The fact that I can just freely operate, I schedule everything. And so there's like, there's no energy committed to making decisions and it's wonderful. Um, week four key points are systemizing. Life was great. It was like week three makes you figure out what you want to do.

And then week four, it gives you everything you need to. Sort of oil, the machine to let yourself get to the, these planes, uh, make the good things easy in the bad things, impossible. And if you can't make them impossible to make them pretty hard, which is something that I did when I said I smoked weed a lot before the program, I had just made it harder for me to smoke weed.

I strictly budgeted myself on what I could spend on it, put strict rules on when I can consume it and what I have to have done before consuming anything. Um, avoiding weekday consumption, uh, just a bunch of things that were great. And it all had to do with shifting my environment, changing my environment, not leaving things out, but putting them away.

So I have to get them back out every time and all that stuff. Um, it helps we floor. Yeah. And I have written down here week four. It was like an expansion of week three. Week three gets the goals and make four optimizes the systems. Key points for week five were that the paradigm talking about the paradigms and everything was great.

I really love conversation in regards to how many, few points there are, um, around the world. And even locally, there's just diversity, everywhere, and everybody sees the world differently. And also that your paradigm is sort of not necessarily a single choice, but it's an amalgamation of the choices you make.

And so you have a lot of control and influence over your paradigm. So this week five really resonated with me quite a bit. Um, cause I'm familiar with all of this stuff and external and internal locus of control. Again, loci of control. Um, We five really drove everything home. The four weeks prior gave me all the tools and methods that I needed.

And this week established that by this time, the only thing really getting in my way is myself, make the choice to change. Don't resist acting willingly. So those, and then week six, I didn't really write too much on just because that's just about putting everything that we've. Learned in one through five and to action.

And is it kind of sums it up and just drives the nails into the coffin? So it was a great conclusion. Um, I think it helped to sort of recap and I liked that you went back and told us what methods we had for damage control and all that stuff. It was great. Um, and now after the program, the things I do are I stretch and I read every day.

I stretch twice a day, actually. And I read every day, I don't waste my time partying any longer. I smoke on rare occasion. And when I do my day is finished with all the responsibilities taken care of. Uh, I'm more mindful of my health. I eat better. I get more consistent sleep. I avoid more harmful behavior.

I'm more conscious of how hydrated I am. I'm more physically active. Notion has become my personal life. Like record book is an amazing tool. And I thank you so much for showing that to me. I use it. For everything. And a lot of it has to do with the program. I would say most of it still has to do with the program, but in the things that I'm just researching on my own, and I'm learning about music in a certain sense as well.

And all the notes that I take regarding production of music and stuff is it's all in notion. It's my Bible now. And it's just, I could talk about it for days. That is one of my hugest takeaways from it. Uh, my days, including my free time are scheduled down to the half hour sometimes. Like not that something changes every 30 minutes, but I will get that specific.

And I feel the whole day up. Um, I spend much more time being productive, which is a given I have a consistent morning routine now, which is great. Like wake up at the same time and then go through the same set of things that are mostly just grooming and housekeeping. Every morning stretching. And it's just it's to the point now where I feel like I feel nakedness without doing these things.

I feel dissonance. Um, And that's sort of leading to my next point. Procrastination causes too much cognitive dissonance anymore, for me to find much if any enjoyment in it, putting things off now sits with me differently than it used to before I started the program. Um, it gives me a uneasy feeling. It makes me anxious and I'm happy for that.

I think that that is just. Uh, translation of just a simple sense of urgency, uh, a desire to be productive and things like that. And I'm, I feel like I've grown because of it. And the final point is that my potential is on its way to full actualization. I do think that the flood Gates are open. Now, the doors are unlocked with what I'm doing with my day, having a vision in general, all of those things is just.

Things are going to change. Things have changed already. I'm a different person than I was before this program. And so I really have to say after that, it's just thank you so much. I'm honored to have been included in all of this. And I would like to stay involved in whatever ways I can. Um, I'm looking forward to people who have yet to join this and to people who are still working, I'd love to help.

Uh, so yeah. Thank you very much. Best wishes to all the endeavors that you're doing. You've. You said you're a creator yourself. You've created this program and you're becoming even more relentless from what I understand. And I admire that. So take it easy.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.