December 17

Callum’s 1 Year Update Video


Video Transcript - Rough

AIS, uh, Kalihi. So I was asked to do a catch-up on Y journey through the procrastination program, uh, where I was, uh, uh, the program was and where I am now just to catch you up. So if you were to cast your mind back three years ago, I was quite different to what I am now. I was at uni. And I was the West procrastinator is no, no two ways of putting it.

I was always distracted. I was always finding a reason not to do work. I never got any of my work done and I suffered as a consequence. Now this, this was a long long-term issue for me. I, um, this goes back to high school, probably. Yeah. Back to when I was.

14. Yeah. So it was, it was becoming a long-term issue and it was so frustrating. It was so frustrating because I felt like I was an intelligent person if you had a lot of potential, but I was just constantly letting myself down every single day. And it really sucked. It really sucked because. There's nothing worse than knowing you can do something.

And the you're just not being able to do any of it because you're getting in the way of yourself. Uh, and these got really bad. There was other things going on in my life, but this put heaps of stress on everything and eventually got to the point where I was suffering quite severely from depression as a result.

And you put me in a really like dark spot. And I don't know, I just felt like I can't keep going on like this. And on day I woke up and I just drew the line in the sand. That's it? That's it. No more. Um, James, my Weiss. So I did a whole bunch of research trying to find like how I can get over this. You know, what, what of tactics I can do.

And then I came across Andrew's progressive nation program. Well, Andrew's channel first and then eventually the procrastination program. Um, And that was about a year ago, maybe. Yeah, just, just, just about a year ago. Um, and I signed up, I had the injury and I went along, um, and it was fantastic. It was, it was great because it covered all the stuff that, you know, I just needed to be told.

It was just. And more and more. It was just, it was just a way to just hit the reset button and start again and know I was battling with an addiction and addiction that we all suffer with from time to time, um, some more than others and like any addiction. It's it's hard. You got, you gotta get help, I guess.

Um, so I went through the program and learn some tactics techniques to overcome procrastination. And get my life back on track, I guess. Um, and I got through it and things started going really well. Uh, it was obviously with any addiction, I guess there's always days where you slip back and always, uh, always this, this relapse that you go back to your old ways and that happened a little bit.

Um, but this was different. It was not a quick fix because we got set up with. Long-term techniques and long-term environmental changes that made going back easier made the adjustments. Cause you made all the hard adjustments upfront. The micro adjustments to help you get back on was simple and quick. Um, and now I feel like my life completely back to normal.

Um, having gone through that, I. I'm so productive, I'm more productive than I've ever been. And I'm seeing the results. I'm seeing the results. You know, I I'm doing everything. I want everything. I want everything that I say I want to do. Like I wanna, I want to get really fit. I want to get really good at my sport.

I want to learn how we learn with how I want to read. I want to go out with friends. I want to do all sorts of things, of course, study as well, do all sorts of things that really, when you don't have. The time, because you keep putting things off, you don't get. And I feel like I'm so much happier as a person all around as a result.

And so people ask me like, well, you know, if you're so organized and you're always working hard all the time, don't you always like don't you never have time to do things like, because you're so focused on doing things. There's no flexibility. There's no, . And I think that's exactly the opposite. Um, so I've got a calendar where every second of the day is planned out and I'm doing it ahead of time and I'm sticking to it.

But when things come up, I now have the flexibility to know that down the track that, all right, well, I have to do this well, I want to do this now. And then, you know, so I can move what I have to do to this time. And I have even more flexibility. And because I know I'll do it then. And. It creates more time to do things.

It creates more freedom. It creates more time to have fun. It's it's, it's, it's, that's a different trade-off, but it, the benefits are unreal. Um, and I feel like I'm now a lifelong improver of my life every day, every day, I'm making little adjustments to what I do to make my life better little micro adjustments, but.

I feel like it's a lifelong thing that you get from the program and understanding this Andrew calls that a paradigm shift in how you perceive the world and it's, it's relieving. It's, it's exciting. It's so many things that just want to meet to make me get to get up every day and just experience the world.

So, you know, I'm happier as a result. Um, I feel like I'm back to myself and I'm enjoying my life and I don't think I could have done it without the procrastination program. It was, um, it was honestly, honestly the last day of, to be honest, like literally figuratively. Um, there's all something now. I just ridiculous.

Even as a result, Zoetis on the idea a year ago. So you will see exponential results throughout your life. Um, Yeah, I got like, everything's just working for me at the moment. Um, got my dream grad job, um, working here in some, doing all this stuff. I love, I think if you're finding a reason, not to you just procrastinate anymore, just do it, sign up.

It's the best thing that ever happened to me. And I'm sure it'd be the best thing that ever happened to you as well. Thanks.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.