December 17

Callum’s experience with the program


Video Transcript - Rough

Yeah. So before I joined the program, I felt like I was going places in life. I had the, I had the personality, the intelligence and the talent to do anything I wanted, uh, had every trait that you could ask for. But for my whole life, I just kept on falling. Depressingly short of my potential and it felt like I was wasting what I had.

And I was beyond frustrated. I knew that I could do anything I wanted. I was just missing something like one thing that could change everything for me. I just couldn't put my finger on it. And it drove me absolutely crazy. And it caused me so much stress and anxiety, and it contributed significantly to an episode of depression I had about a year ago.

And, um, Since then I was desperate to find out what it was that I was missing and trying to fix my life and my habits. And that's when I found your channel and inevitably, uh, the program as well. And I was going through uni while I went through your program. So I had this course to go alongside my studies and it was quite funny how similar it was and how similar it felt.

It was like this constant in the world, just like the finance and economics I was learning at uni was, and in a sense that the content wants to learn and practice could be easily applied in a scientific way, just like a financial formula or an economic model. It was so like so simple and crisp. It just felt like I had to work.

And it, because it's not like some miracle. Mystical characteristic that you either have, or you don't have, it was a skill, like anything. It was a habit like anything just like it had to be like practice and trying, just like playing the guitar or riding a bike or anything like that. And it, I didn't feel inspired because there was a skill that I saw desperately desired, like more than anything in the world.

Um, Like I would often say to myself, um, I would often say to myself, like, I wish I was more disciplined or I wish I could just stop procrastinating. I even promised that I would try it in every other talent that I had, everything else had going for me. If the one thing I got in return was just a bit of discipline.

And he's, he's like crash courses is lying in that skill. I so desperately wanted and more than anything, and it just teaches you how to learn and develop that skill. Um, and it was like wanting to play the top and you just don't know the notes. Just I know the chords and then like, he is like George Harrison.

Okay. He wanted to be a teacher. It was, it was like a lot of sense. It was just, just one. Okay. So all I had to do was these lessons and practice what I was being taught. And I feel like I would have everything I needed to develop a skill and it changed my life. And it was finally after all these years, uh, the one thing I was missing.

So I've. Going through this program now. And since then, for the first time in my life, I feel like I'm in control of myself and my habits, my urges and desires for procrastination and the things that cause me procrastination don't control me anymore, but I control it. And for the first time I feel like I not only can achieve anything I want.

But I will achieve anything I want because that person who I was before the program, he died, he's gone. And this new me, this new calendar is here and he's the one that's now calling the shots. And, um, I will admit, I only just finished the program, so I I'm by no means there yet. I'm not a hundred percent content with where I am at the moment, but I will continue to evolve to my end goal of procrastination because it's not a switch.

It's not a switch of character, you know, either a procrastinator or a non procrastinator. Um, you know, as nature tells us the, the identities, it just a fallacy is we simply just have to have skills that we develop. And if we were to put it on a spectrum and that one near the spectrum, we just cannot stop procrastinating.

And yeah, the end of the spectrum, the other extreme it's always stops. Crashing, always does what they want. And for somewhere in between, I was definitely, definitely decided the spectrum and, um, To get here, like where you want to go. It's no flicker the switch. It's no silver bullet. It's impossible. You have to incrementally move your way up.

Um, there are no shortcuts to the top end of the spectrum. And because this is a skill, uh, being developed. I know what I'm putting into practice will stick around for good, even better than other skills. Like the time I tried to learn French. Or, um, what I wanted to play the saxophone as a kid. Yeah.

Well, lucky I want to talk to try to learn French or played the saxophone when I was a kid. Um, because unlike these fleeting fads of skills, uh, they didn't teach me how to pick myself off when I was struggling. Um, In a certain aspect of what to do if I didn't feel like doing it today, because we know how dangerous those mindsets can be when we're standing on the edge of a slippery slope and this program, however, is it fulsome roots of procrastination out of the soil and usually your vision goals and plans to make sure you're constantly working towards your dreams and maintains momentum.

Unlike anything I've experienced because it identifies the behaviors that not only makes you more productive, it also makes you procrastinate. So you can begin modifying your life in permanent ways that mitigate and remove the barriers,

uh, yeah. That mitigate and remove the barriers. Um, that will come across and stop you procrastinating forever. And it's kind of funny how I stumbled across this program. Like one day, while being secretly addicted to YouTube, I was recommended this video just by chance. Um, the small YouTube with less than 20,000 subscribers.

And just by watching these videos for many, many months, I eventually found this course. Um, and over the last few days, I've wondered, like, How many, many times, I just wondered, like, what would I be doing? Or what path would my life beyond if just by chance I was recommended a different video or just scroll past, you know?

So it's quite funny to think it's almost like fate or something, or it's like destined to, to do this program. Like finally, the thing I'd been searching for my whole life. So I just want to say also thank you, Andrew, um, flute, the excellent program and your incredible YouTube channel. And, uh, thank you for changing my life and helping me achieve what I want to achieve when I do what you have.

And of course, um, yeah, it, it means everything. So thanks, sir.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.