December 17

Sheldon’s Review of Procrastination Program


Video Transcript - Rough

Hey, Sheldon, can you see me? Okay. I cannot see you. Okay. Um, is it, do you see the, um, the audio, not audio, but a visual on no, I can hear you, but I can't see you. Your comment. Maybe I have to click on something. Okay. I'm sorry. Where is it? No, it's still new IDs. Are you on your phone or your laptop? Um, had dish my desktop desktop to put, uh, the visual on where is that is the rebuttal video.

And I left on the bottom. There should be, uh, okay. The Sheriff's screen. Yeah. No. So there should be a button that says stop video. Not share screen. No, no, no. Where is it? Oh, okay. I see it now. I'm not on the bottom left hand side. Yeah. Perfect. There we go. Here's that? There we go. Sheldon, how are you doing?

I'm doing okay.

Yeah. Oh, boy, this is, this is a trip. I mean, it's like, uh, uh, riding the bullet train. Yeah. But it's not like, you know, it's like June. I mean, I can't believe it in that five weeks I've accomplished so much at first I was kinda like. Well, what I'm going to do next. I can teach what to do next. I mean, I could, I did my, you know, my meditation.

I wrote my journal. Okay. Now, now what I said, I did not, I don't know how Andrew came through it the whole day be scheduled to do every minute, every second of the day. So there was a void. So there was like a stagnant for a while. And, but I think like you said, you know, if he continue, like now I believe that when you continue meditation and a journal or whatever, I have, uh, being accountable and you keep doing it, keep doing it, keep doing then slowly something happens, something happened, something clicked and say, Oh, okay.

Let me try these. So let me do this and yeah, maybe I can do it. You know, then I went to the exercise and, um, what, what I was saying in, uh, in the, in the Facebook, but I posted up and then, and then, and then you came on and say, Hey, what's the matter with you? You should, you got to do it. Twice and you haven't done it, that's it.

So sticking a bet for a while, but not really, um, getting really tickets negative side.

Is it possible to tilt your camera up? Just a little bit? Okay. Yeah, I have on a half a Mondays gorilla tape, uh, Yeah, but if, you know, I have to, I have to keep on. Yeah. But then you slowly go down. It's like a portable tape attached. I don't have it on my monitor. So I had to buy one too. I went to best buy, buy one and attach it to the top of it.

Well, I'd love to add a little bit of structure. I, I, I, it would be really cool for us to go back to the situation that you were in before you joined time theory. Some of the experiences you've had during, and then finally, we'll, we'll have brief conversation, brief answers. We'll talk a little bit more about what the situation's like.

I haven't gone through the program and received some that score. So putting yourself back a couple of months ago now. Yeah. So, so what was going on in my life before I came across you and I, my life, my life was real. I had no real direction. I was like a ship. The middle of the ocean with no rider or, and a select God, you have a nice Mercedes guy and you go in a car, there's no steering wheel.

You know, where he go, no compass. If you have a ship, he needed a copy's needed direction. And I've been struggling for years at the use at the use of the years. And, um, so. I had this thing in mind. I wanted to do something in the morning during the day. And as soon as I get on it, whatever my task is, I still have about a minute and a half and I get a nugget, uh, bored, or I get distracted and they say, Oh, I give up.

So I, like I said, uh, I have, uh, uh, you got attention, like a fly know, like a fly lands on you and just stays there a few seconds. You can find out what it is right away. Okay. But then this is my pot. I will fly away and let the fly. You look on poopoo, right. And it is for a while. So just like, wow. You know, like he's getting, I feel like when I watch TV or watch political news, I sort of like the analogy or the fly lands on a poop.

And I wasted my time on, you know, watching all the TV and watching all the political news and all that. And slowly I get involved in it emotionally and crusade, I get an upset. And so, yeah, that was my life for five and a half years. Spend hours and hours. It's sorta like the younger guys would spend the time on games.

I was a little different. I was spending my time, uh, what you call on the political news. And we had a lot of, you know, we had a lot of drama was going on with DT and I got booked on that. You know, artists take news and all this drama about is going to do this, build a wall. I'm just sucking into that. And so that was going on my life before.

I came across you. And so, so I, I, I took several courses to, uh, on, uh, online and they still couldn't get concentrated. I still, I still couldn't focus like a minute and a half and not get bored. I could not sit down still for, for longer period. And so, so getting to the part, like went up, came across, you. I used to listen to a lot, a lot about, uh, stoic and, and, uh, I forgot his name was Ryan holiday, whatever.

And then after that I came across you and you had a, you had a, a discrepancy about story. I got the, Oh, wow. What, what, what could be a discrepancy? Here's one someone come in and, you know, and, and I wanted to hear what you have to say about what. What, um, story is to you. And you had, you had mentioned that there are some things that you couldn't agree on.

Like if someone riding a bike and you get a flat tire, and then you, you know, uh, what your mind will be like, Oh, it shouldn't affect me. So, you know, I just go on your daily basis. Have your tire fixed and all that, but then you find out say, Hey, what causes the problem? You know, even once they're Fred dies, that's how you, uh, at the beginning kind of grabbed me.

Cause you said, wow, look at the problem. What is the problem? You know, it cannot get bypass it and just let it go because maybe there's a way you can control the situation. There's something you are mentioning that, that there are times you cannot control. But then if you get too hooked up where you cannot control it and you start losing the fat, Whoa, you come across a problem, I can't control it.

But then if you take it a step further and say, Oh, maybe there is a possibility of solving this problem. And so that's gotten to watching you quite a few times on YouTube. I kept walking and watch it. And that's how, that's, how I got started with you doing that. And the situation you described, where you had dots in between those two different things and getting involved in politics.

But for a few years you said that external things, but how was that affecting you internally? How did you view yourself? The way I feel myself, I affected my behavior. Like I would get complaining. Hmm a lot, and then it didn't notice it, but then my bad half said, why are you complaining so much? So the thing is, it was, it was affecting me emotionally.

And then when I was five, getting feeling depressed because got into a situation, wow, he has this, he has this way of causing problems. But then when you hear the other party is like, But we won't be able to solve the problem because he feels like if he could get away with it, you know, you know, I feel like, I feel like defeated.

I feel like what the sense of him, you know? Um, no, I just felt he was above the law and it, that what the sense, you know, but I kept listening and the kids would be getting more depressed. And then finally, finally, um, My other house, shit, I can handle this anymore. I mean, I have to, I have to get out of this, solves this to call off, get away from you.

I mean, that was, that was like, I took a trip, but then I look at it, say, Oh, wow. Maybe it is a problem in me. And I, and I slowly realized that, you know, this is not healthy for me. Uh, internally. And so that, that was when I took you, when that took you a cost, there was a lot of things like you, it's going to be a very, very hard habit to break because five years spending hours and hours during the day, I couldn't figure out how I could ever get rid of this habit.

It was overtaking me, you know, I was in golf in it. And then, and then I realized too, When you have this, uh, uh, negative feeling, it, it carries on to other areas in your life because you feel bombarded, you feel burdened and you, and you not able to check it off. You actually, currently we do a log of three people affected by effecting other areas of my life.

Yeah. Uh, whenever like Safeway's like, uh, coming online and want to start a business. I wanted to get a cost, but then because of this brilliant bombard, it, that's why I think that looking at it now, maybe it is a reason why I couldn't focus that long because they had this art is negative. And so, but listening to your cost is really kind of make me look at it myself.

And, um, seeing how my life can change, you know, by, by doing a routine stop. So there were times like, I feel like kind of boring. I was like, maybe you said points. I wanted to write the journal and nothing comes out. But I kinda like forcing myself. I still like say I don't care if I write, I repeatedly write three or four times in the world, the same team.

But slowly breaking through, you know, Rick and through and in front slowly, I begin because I feel like you're not always going to get that good days, like Oh yeah. Right. And, and you can write fluidly because you feel inspired, you feel motivated. So you really have a good day. Right? I didn't convince some days where she knocked in coming out, you know, trying to write in my journal, but I fosters myself because why why's that.

I feel committed accountable that won't have to hold my hand no matter what. And so I don't care. So I got that issue out of the frame in my mind. I say it doesn't matter, you know, I want to keep doing what, uh, what I supposed to be doing, what I, you know, because you have brought my attention, like the exercise.

So I really thought accountable. I feel like, you know, I, I need to, I need to overcome. My excuses, why not doing it? And slowly, because being the biggest part of your program, but being accountable. And so I felt accountable for keeping my word, you know? Uh, cause I know you watch it and you come in. I don't know that I don't notice it, but you come in on Facebook and you watch it.

Are you really? Oh my God. You know, it's good to have someone over my shoulders to make sure that. Whatever I say, you still hold myself accountable at that time. I didn't have, I didn't have a partner, but you were sort of like my pot when he came one. Now you started, you were sort of like my partner, not directly, but I knew you were watching the members coming on Facebook, what they have to share or the exploration they're going through.

And so it made me feel good about the fact that, that, that you were, uh, watching, you know, sort of like a student where, you know, we are in a way as students. Yeah. I'm much older than you, about five times, but I still take you, you know, you, uh, my teacher, you know, I'm, I'm studying and I need to be, um, you know, sort of like, uh, I respect you.

I have the humility. Yeah. Yeah. You're much way, way younger than me, but you have something that I don't have and I, I am so proud of you that you, uh, the young age, you are, you, you, I'm way, way ahead of the things that, you know, your knowledge and the things that have, you know, you talked about procrastination and, and I understood, I never realized what.

Of craft procrastination really is until I heard you. And, and I think you don't, you don't leave anything. Don't leave any stone unturned. You, I think you did a lot of researching about procrastination. I haven't heard anyone. Go extensively like you, what, you know, what the meaning of procrastination. So that one word alone can change, can change my life that want to, can change my life, that procrastination.

But then the procrastination, when you get that away, you have a voice now, now, what are you going to fill it in? So you now you feel it, you get rid of the negative and you. Uh, fill it with positive things, you know, really it's a journal meditation, cold showers at the site. Now I get that void, not filling that void with positivity you in my life.

So yeah, that's how, that's how my life is. Uh, changing, you know, by taking on this costs. Well, I'm humbled that definitely some big praise from you, Sheldon. So I deeply appreciate it. And it's been incredible seeing you in the program. And I remember the day that you joined, we had that phone call with each other and since then, things have just changed so incredibly much, but I want to jump back a little bit.

You mentioned that you found me through stoicism and. From there. I'm guessing that you either saw the unlisted video that I promote quite a Mark or use or something or other to do with the procrastination program. And a lot of people know that they procrastinate, but they don't take the next step to actually do something about it.

So what was the thing inside of you that really called you to say enough is enough? I've actually got to change.

Uh, I it's hard to pinpoint month stuff. I can get as many case, but, um, I dunno, you sound sincere. You sound like you sound like, um, you sound like, well, you know, okay. Take places, uh, your videos. It's not a long, some, some people make the video so long. It's like a dragon now. It's hard for a person, if it is starting in the program to have a long, you know, um, whether it's a podcast or wherever, it's a video they're watching, but listening to you, yo yo yo video podcast, uh, is shot, but precise.

You bring out the certain points, no clap, and you get right to the point and your steps are very, very simple. That anyone can understand or, or applied in their life. And so, yeah, I listened to you on YouTube, but when they came to taking your courses is a whole different ball game because now you're going into serious business, but a YouTube Becca, you know, I can relax.

Watch you. Occasioned is saying that now you say, take notes, listen to what you are saying. And, and that's what I was doing. So what are your was slowly, my focus became more intense because what you were saying, and it was, he may, it grabbed my attention and said, wow, okay. I dunno, it's so simple. And I took, I took many, many courses that, you know, at my age, you know, I went through a lot of motivation.

Uh, uh, training, uh, travel a lot to motivation schools and not do it a whole gamut, but then this is something along Laxton that can, I can see myself not getting off the bullet train. I mean, not, not getting off because I'm a Jew I'm on, on a journey. And this journey is taking me places where I never could.

Ever accomplish. I felt it was impossible, or I felt like it was too much of a struggle to undertake, but it's surprisingly doing that. The thing is it's overflowing when you, when you, when you take being accountable, taking whatever you're accountable for, for like, for me, it was interesting as you know, as meditation journal, Coby showers, exercise, all of the.

It might mean nothing or a future. Oh, was anybody can do that, but you don't realize we took it a step that small ways can get you to a bigger range. And that's why, so that's, you know, I feel like, so with that thought in mind, it's not like I want to feel overwhelmed because it's not giving me a hundred things to do.

I don't feel overwhelmed. And it criticism negative feedback. You just get into small steps and doing the small steps had accomplished me a whole lot. It was strange because all my, all my life, I took something and never had some that come across. Like I give you one good, really straight option. Like I have a problem with my remodel half, we get into some big fights, you know, abusive and all that.

But then the other day, this recently, the other day I was getting into a fight. I just get my mug shot. And it's though, you know, in Asia. Oh, why can't you hug? Why do you move the car? Well, I give them a perfect example. Why do you move the car way back and you must hit the wall and I kept my mouth shot.

And then I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get in an argument, but I wanted to take it one step further. I went upstairs and retaught it and I think, Oh, that really irritated her. I think I kind of put it in a post . So, you know, Judah, just let it go and say that that's her problem, not mine, but I took the responsibility that I am part of it.

And so I said, you know what? I, I partly too made to make her irritate it and start yelling and screaming at me. So I went down and moved the car far. It was a tough part, but like a couple of feet away. And she came home to came home in her car and drove out in front of me in the garage. I said, don't hit my car.

Now. She kind of laughed. Cause she knew my car has kind of like far right now. And so you're getting to subtleties and might not say, but I can see, I can see in her, her, um, body language and taser, she doing. Yeah, she never used to do before. And, and she has a smile last night, she went to pace. She had a smile on her face and said, Oh, good night.

You know, and that is that though. Oh, there's something going on. And so that is a, that is a big, that is a real big green for me, you know, I think, Oh yeah. I don't watch, uh, politics, uh, on, on. On the, on my TV be doing it for five, 10 years. Have private nephew is now kind of, it doesn't have control over me like before.

Oh, that's the big, but my relationship with my other half being retired for 25 years is a huge, huge mean, and not a day like Thanksgiving, about roses for her. I didn't buy flowers for very long time. And of course, I guess when I put the Rose, I got the Rosen and she put it in a vase. That's, you know, I think she kind of really held in her emotion cause might be like a shock in the CBC if she really shows.

But I think her emotion differentially sipping over. So on the positive side, Yeah, it's really interesting how one area of your life can completely affect another area of your life. And by improving a certain aspect, all other aspects of your life get improved as well. And I've been in your program when you're about five minute breaks, but I really haven't started in the being accountable maybe a week after a couple of weeks.

Can you, I can't imagine being three weeks or four weeks gone, just bought. I really think I know what I don't want to say. I don't want to have a big ego. I don't know how, I don't think there's any program that can do things that fast, you know, not for me anyway, because you know, because my age, I have a lot of luggage, I mean, true a lot.

And on the negative side, I do so good things in my life, but someone who, you know, and that is yelling you, I probably had. 50 times more, more negative things that as you have done. So the thing is that it, for me to change would take a huge, a huge, fantastic person like you to change me your costs, you know, to, to, to, to, uh, accomplish this.

This must so fast. You know, I don't feel like I, I don't feel like my body moving past or like that. I like, I have to force myself to do things, to change things. It's kind of like coming natural. It's like suddenly like, wow, this is like, what? Sometimes I get not frustrated about something like any patient, nothing is happening, but, uh, life, my life is strange because it's not these worker in a mysterious way.

It's something that clicks on your head. You know, like I heard one of you, you were talking to one of your. One of the pressures of interviewing you and you said that we're reframing. And so it's part of like, when you listen to you sort of like, listen to your lesson, maybe one or two words would click on your head.

You know, it kinda like pick that one thing, kinda like sticks on your head. And is it somehow that word, that one thing you said kind of click and then. And then you apply it implemented, you know, in, you know, behavior in your, in your life or in your attitude and sort of like change. So I don't know. I think you're, I think you're a God gifted person, you know what I mean?

You know, I, you know, your family was a spiritual religious person and all that, and so yeah, it was listened to you and your young age traveler, too, that. The European countries or whatever. And yeah, so, so, no, I think while you, you're going to be real far ahead, five or 10 years, you know, I'm not, might not be here on this there, but I think the law that it makes you very much.

Thank you. Shoving. That means a lot. That means a lot. And looking into the future, what do you now see when you look forwards? I just was like before in the past. Yeah, I can do that, but now it's different. When I say I can do it, I can do it. What I mean, when I say I can do it, cause I'm going to be persistent.

I. I going to overcome. See my child wrote time. I've been my shot. The extreme was, was really run down when he was going to school. I had low self-esteem. That's why, that's why I said I don't have the fear of failure because I'm always begging if a fear of failure, I wouldn't fail all the time. And I would say like 90% of the time, I feel great school, 95% I fail, but it was a fear of success.

Let me give you an example, if he, or she says, okay, failure, failure, failure. And we're not, we're not in front of the class. And, and, and I gave us speech, you know, like, you know, in front of the class, I talked about songs. I had, I had so much gratification. I was so happy at that. Wow. If I get in at some recognition, That was just fine then was another thing worked that kind of upset me when I took a job, if it tests and my friend was helping me that geography is more like a memory you just got to remember, but in names or any of this at capital city, the location, you know, like there are no, okay.

I know taxes and all that. So it's a memory. So I've got a hold of that. But then, then when I feel so proud of myself, that was getting one on a class. And then a teacher said, Oh, because, because you were giving the answers. So we have to bring it back to like a B, it was, it was a hard blow for me because I was so proud.

I got on a, I mean, like, you know, like all through my elementary school, never, never got an, a. Not even that BA Oh, wait. I was at sea. I was totally on the other total failure. So this, the reason why he carried it on, even to now, when I take a strike, I'm trying to sit down and still, I can't sit still. I can't, I have to do things with my hands and not like.

That was a landscaper. I learned through do things on my head physically to sit, to stay and sit still and listen to someone like if I'm in class and listen to the teacher, which I was bored and couldn't get, I couldn't grasp anything she was saying. So it took me a whole lot to focus myself and to sit still, listen to you, you know, you're cautious and.

I don't know what it is. I can't put my finger on it. I'm like, come on you. Why you are different. Why could, why made me stitch still and listen, and to every single word you were saying, there's all these days someday might dance. That might come to me. Have I tell you about it? I don't know. I just know that that, uh, you, you are very.

Easy to listen to. And I like the way I talk. Sometimes you talk really fast.

It's like Hawaii people, people, and how I really kind of live that with me. We talk slow.

And so, yeah, so a lot of people, when they come to Hawaii, he folks are laid back people, folks that feel like lazy, like, no, I mean, not motivated and things like that. So I think listening to you, it has, has gave me an extra energy bouncing

Yeah. So if the future, I, I I'm, I'm, I'm looking at it. Some of the things are cautious that, that I really feel that I be able to accomplish the reason why I think I'm, um, I learned because been on your Facebook, I don't need to, uh, break out of my shell and learning to, uh, uh, express myself. And learning how to that.

I like to help people. I like to support people. I like to inspire people. And so to me, we made to, um, to interview mango with, with, with, with other people. Uh, I feel it's more manageable. I feel I can express my stop Renee. When I talked to my mentor, what was his name? Um, the one that, um, on Facebook. Good to go to the name.

Cause I'm so excited, but what is this? What is this? What is his name? The one on Facebook is my mentor.

And then I ended up, but I'm sorry, I can't hear the name, but he's my mentor. And anytime I want, when I want, uh, I help I go to him up. Oh, you mean Adam, David, Adam, David. Okay. People are listening to me. If you ever come across Adam, David you've found the best man. That can help you. So, no, I don't know. But in the beginning I was getting upset at the Coolah and then something the very beginning.

I think the lesson that I've learned when the very, very beginning before even started. I was learning to humble myself. I was learning to Kumasi alert. I was learning to step back and listen, really, really listen to what's going on. I was like stopping myself prejudging the way he is, the way you are. And I, because I think, I think if I find, if I have a way to, to be easy on people and people be easy on me because I want to, I wanted him to help me.

No you for people to help you, you have to be able to, to, uh, uh, not get frustrated, you know, by, by the way, how you talk and this and that, because when they get that and they become defensive and it'd be harder for them to help you. And so, and so I already, I already, when I took car, I'm really learning something already.

I learned some teacher to Adam that I need to really listen to what he said because his dad too. Was there to help me, you know, and I know, and I believe in you that you are able to help me for me, for you folks to be, to help me after humble myself, to act, to learn that, to respect you guys, you know, you guys have feelings, you guys have, you know, you guys were hard where you guys is at and you, and you have the commitment in helping people.

And so I have to do my part too. I have to do my part by saying, Hey, slow down, shouting. You need to listen to what's going on. Yeah, yeah. Willing to help you, but you need to be able to listen to what they have to say too. And so I took an oppressor because I think I'll take a stoic, it's like not blaming people for case, if things go wrong.

And so it kinda like give me a little bit more patient adult and a little bit more patient you. So that's why when you call me. I had the, I had the cheery in my voice. I had no, I had, you know, I wasn't like, Oh yeah, I know. And you know, not unhappy. I just, I just started and you know, I'm complaining in August.

So, but I don't know. My attitude has changed from the very beginning of the thing before I even heard you, you were slowly, my behavior was changing. I was learning to understand it. Yeah, not everything will be my way, you know, and after I just did that, you know, and to act, to pull back and say, wait a minute, give the other person a chance to explain himself, you know, you're not doing it.

The contact for anybody listening. Adam David is a client success coach on time theory for a final question, Sheldon. What would you have to say to somebody who's in this situation you were in a couple months ago? What would you say to them? Yeah, first of all, I, but if I come across as somebody, my age, you know, I would say to them, to that particular person, it's never too late to change.

It's never too late to become the person that you really want to be. Um, and for, for anyone else, I will say to them, you know, if I could do it, they could do it, which anybody can say that. But I say, take the cost, take it step by step, listen to what, whatever you say, take down notes, being involved in Facebook, being involved with the community.

And we are accountable to whatever you. Shay you going to do, I promise you your life will change. Can it help? Because that's exactly what I was doing. And, and I don't see how anybody can do what I'm doing. You know, like meditation. Yeah. Meditate for one minute, two minutes and let it, let it grow from there.

Journal. Maybe you start a few lines or a few paragraphs and started from there. The small little, like you said, a small little wins. Can gain can get you to bigger wins. So that's all I said to someone else. Um, but I'll bring this up. Um, if you have the money go for it because I never, I never didn't spend as much money as to I came to this program.

At one point I wanted to make an excuse, almost pull out on this program or had a second payment. And I, I called Adam, see, I don't know, well, I can pay him every next week, but if something is that, I mean, you know, I said, you know, I, I, who am I fooling? You know, I have, if I have the money pay for it, you know, who am I fully?

Why, why am I lying to the person? Oh, I can't pay it. Gotta be next week. And so when I, when I made that payment, the last payment, there was really relief, you know? And I said to myself, You're not going to get a lot more value out of this program, no matter how much it costs. And I felt, really felt that burden.

I put, I put aside the amount of money I'm looking, what I can gain from it. You know, I can gain the values for this program a hundred times, 10 times more than what I paid for. So if you can just put that thing away, once you pay it. Get on, get on, get on with the program and just go for it. 100%. I promise anyone who would take this program.

If I can do it, they can do it too. I can see the, you know, they just have to take simple steps, slow slowly, you know, one day at a time. That's how you come down. Mount Everest people take one step at a time. You don't have to use this program will make you feel overwhelmed. You would have, you would have, uh, steps to take that anyone can do take baby steps at first and as a tango by you take larger steps, you know, like the baby at the Crawford, before they can walk before they can walk, you can refer, they can run, you have to walk.

So that's what I'm doing now. Incredible. Well, thank you so much, Sheldon. That was definitely insightful. And I, again, appreciate everything you're saying we can end the recording there. That was, that was incredible. It sounds like there's been,

I didn't notice it so much. I'm half and half right. My dad was full Hawaiian and PA on half the line. I'm not proud Hawaiian. Yeah. It must be incredible over there. Oh yeah. Red. The red is good. I wish the shower was a coder. Yeah. I want to jump into that ice cold water in Alaska. That was so funny that you made that clear,

but yeah,

having fun taking this, do it. Yeah, right. How did I, I'm curious, Sheldon there's people like you, it's incredible when you join the program because you add so much to the community. Do you know anyone else, any of your friends or any of your colleagues that would benefit from the program? You know, I know one person who I'd go to, I go to physical therapy twice a week.

I can bring it up to him. He give me, send me the link and then, uh, you know, whatever I can do to. Uh, I'm, I'm looking at ways how I can get people, you know, coming into your program that have had that in mind. I don't know how yet, but I wanna, I want to see more people getting involved. It's incredible.

Isn't it as a thank you for anybody that you refer. I think we have it. So it's $250 for every referral that we get, just to say thank you. But it's really been incredible speaking with you and having you on board. Okay, thank you very much. Cool. Keep,

keep doing what you're doing will do. Thank you. All right, we'll talk soon, Sheldon. All right, bye. Bye. Bye. Bless you. Bye-bye.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.