December 17

Florin’s Experience With The Program


Video Transcript - Rough

So before I took the Kirby procrastination course, I lived a normal life. Um, I could went to school. I had friends, I had a lot of patients for my hobbies that I wanted to work hard on and make them my job. And so I did sometimes, but sometimes I would just. Watch YouTube videos or scroll through Instagram deep down.

I really, I felt really bad. I felt like I was wasting all my time and that this isn't the real solution for life. So then I stumbled across a Andrew's videos and of course the procrastination course, so. I thought maybe I should try it. And then I thought, yeah, I could just watch all his other videos, but then I thought, well, there must be a reason for the course to exist because I trusted Andrew.

And so I made the decision to just try and during the course, uh, I got very excited sometimes. Um, that I couldn't stop watching the videos because there were so, uh, explained and you could really watched them. And it was interesting. And sometimes it, it really felt like, um, he, he explains, he explained stuff that nobody knows about our so, but makes sense.

And also valuable. And so yes, sometimes it really felt like a door to a new world opens. And now that I finished a course, um, I feel like I have all the tools, um, to, to achieve anything that I want. If I really want, if I really wanted, I can use the tools and achieve almost everything that is there. That I think I could.

And the cool thing that sets this, um, make this progressive nation Corso available for me is that it isn't just about a problem you solve. I think it's about Andrew gives you the, the basis for you to go your own way and learn your own things. The way you want and like you key, he gives you the tools to, to pave your way.

Not just one way he gives it's it's incredibly it's. Um, I can't explain it. You have to try it yourself and yes.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.