December 17

Tom’s Experience With The Program


Video Transcript - Rough

Hi that I'm Tom. Uh, I've just completed. And Bruce and procrastination course, uh, I'd say before the course started, um, I generally just had a lack of fulfillment in my life, really, um, no sense of direction and was always easily falling into anxiousness. And depression also just deep thinking about the past and the future in general.

Um, and this would lead me to procrastinate a lot to kind of fill the void essentially. Um, so I do use YouTube a lot, um, and just generally things like lying down on my bed, just overthinking really. Um, but since I've done the course, um, I have been incredibly motivated to be honest, day to day, um, planning each day as it comes.

Uh, it's just been a really, um, Great productive time for me, uh, has been very introspective. So I've been able to kind of negate all the bad habits in my life and get rid of what doesn't serve me essentially, and form new, um, solid habits to kind of get me towards my goals, which I've set throughout the course.

Um, so yeah, I actually wake up in the morning, uh, Feeling accomplished, like I've actually done stuff the day before. Um, and I wake up with more of a sense of purpose to be honest and just general happiness as I know what I'm going to do that day. It's sat there. Ready for me to go. Um, and yeah, just, um, It has made me my old self again, I think to be honest, I'm just incredibly happy again, uh, living more for the present moment.

Um, and it's kind of filtered down into every single part of my life. Like my exercise has increased, uh, I'm doing it in a more refined way. Um, and I'm at, I've allowing myself to actually do deep solid work on. The things that actually matter and are going to push me forward in life. Um, and it's just allowed me to set clear, concise goals in general and know where I'm going.

Um, so yeah, it's just generally been an amazing experience. Um, I'm amazed. What's happened in six weeks, to be honest, I feel like a whole new person. Uh, so yeah, I'd just like to thank Andrew once again. Uh, I'm incredibly grateful for it and yeah. Peace, love and blessings.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.