December 17

Fyodor’s Experience With The Program


Video Transcript - Rough

So just a quick review of Emily's procrastination program to begin. I want to tell about myself a little bit. My name is further before program. I had procrastinated and postponed a lot and, uh, That was the main problem with the main reason of the most of the problems in my life. And I wasn't even aware that that is the root cause of them.

Um, before program, I could try to improve my life, uh, by a lot of different means a lot of times. Uh, but it was hard to implement hard to understand how. How to use it. Um, and, uh, if due to some external events or problems, uh, I will slip up on my way to solve a problem. Uh, I would, uh, get back to my. Old habits to the breath of thoughts, uh, pathetic, uh, way of life and total that it looked in to do anything, to improve the situation that I was in.

Uh, so when I started the program, uh, the first part of it, uh, and, uh, when I implemented the tools from it, Uh, I just immediately felt how easy and convenient to use them and, uh, with not some delayed, uh, effect that doesn't have some delayed effects. You just, uh, work on the material that you are given.

And, uh, Yeah, implement the tools, uh, in the program and you immediately feel the benefits of using them. Um, uh, now I can't imagine my life without this instruments and techniques. That is for sure. Uh, uh, but, uh, what I like the most about this program that is not only teaches you how to. Manage your time and, uh, yeah, the rate of procrastination, uh, it teaches you how to live your life in order and how to live it properly.

So you end your every day with understanding that you have done that, uh, was in your power. Uh, To achieve some, do achieve some step towards your goals. Um, but if you want to participate in program and, uh, you, you are expecting that after you enroll in it, uh, all of your problems would magically disappear.

That is not the case. Uh, you have to work on yourself, you have to work a lot and you. Uh, only able to help yourself if you're willing to do so. Um, that is just how it works with everything. And this program is not an exception. Uh, some other people who can provide help, they, uh, just, uh, only can show you a positive way, uh, give you a positive factor.

And, uh, in the case of this program is that guide is Andrew and, uh, Um, as Carl Young, uh, brought in one of his latest works, uh, only wounded physician can hope to feel effectively. And, uh, Andrew was wounded once she was in their shoes, so to speak, he was procrastinator and that was immensely affecting all of his life, uh, in he not.

Only was able to get rid of it. Uh, he created the program that, uh, that is helping a lot of people and it has helped me. And, uh, but I I'm, I'm forever grateful for this program and I'm really capable that I participated in that. Uh, the program has softened that divided my life on into before and after that is for sure, but I still have a lot of work to do, and I will continue to grind, grinding all of the, all of the problems of, um, of the.

Obstacles that I'm facing. Uh, but, uh, and I, I I'm sure that that will take a lot of time to reach my goals. Uh, what, it doesn't matter how long it will take because I'm enjoying being on the, on the road or towards my goals. Um,

collusion, I, I want to say that, uh, in. In my paradigm of world, how I see it and how I would describe it to anyone else. Uh, every day is a constant struggle. Uh, in my case, that is constant struggle. I guess my laziness, my insecurities, my fears against myself and my dark side. And, uh, All my life. I will be in fighting without knowing how to fight and result instruments, uh, without weapons to fight.

Uh, now I know how to fight and I have weapons. I hope it will help some to make, uh, the right decision.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.