December 17

Fridrih’s Experience With The Program


Video Transcript - Rough

Hi, my name is Friedrichs. And, um, I'll tell you about my experience with Angela's procrastinate procrastination course, and, uh, how it has worked out for me and what's new in my life. So, um, to begin with, um, I will tell you that I have been procrastinating anything my whole life, like from age six I'm 22 right now.

And, um, I was spending my whole life, really not doing anything, doing the bare bare minimum, just to get, not to get thrown out of the school, not to get thrown out of apartment, whatever, not really. I had this progressive procrastination problem in all aspects of my life that you can think of except gaming.

I could game for. Not non-stop all the time. And then I went to Denmark for three years to get my bachelor's in marketing. That was probably one of my darkest times in life. I was spending all my time alone in my room, playing video games, computer games, um, didn't have much friends. I didn't really need them.

That's the problem probably brought apart part of it. And I wasn't doing anything outside the gaming and just the survival. I didn't even study. I was doing the bare minimum, not to get out, not to get thrown out of my university. And what I realized there was that, um, I cannot go on like this because, because if I'm going to keep doing the thing that I'm doing, I'm probably end up.

On on the street one day. So I figured that I will just go back to my country where I just feel better. I have my friends here. I have my family here. Then now we will fight what whatever's inside of me. That's stopping me. And so it happened that I found exactly at that time, I found Andrew on YouTube. Uh, he was offering this procrastination course, so.

I went through the course. I'm going to tell you who I am right now. And then a little bit about what they think of the course. So I finished the course when I came to Latvia, uh, Domo, the one and a half months ago,

I was still the same guy that I was in den in Denmark. I didn't really do anything, but, uh, with Andrew's help. Right now I have, like I saw a few days is today a post on Facebook? I have actually more demand for my time than I have the supply. Um, I am right now in, during this one and a half month, I have acquired the control of my own company.

I didn't create it. I'm just going to trolling it alone. Um, Which is exciting. I have a lot of clients, huge clients in Latvia, and, um, it's a huge responsibility I have never had before that somebody in and trusted me. Um, suddenly I also, after completing this course, I, uh, got myself together and I have stopped gaming completely.

That's one of the great things about this course. It gives you tools. It doesn't motivate you. Of course. And Andrew Martin motivates you like it would expect, but it's not the thing you are used to on YouTube. You can do this. And of course you can, but the idea is that why, why a lot, why I love this course is that Andrew gives you tools and Angela gives you tools to find.

The things that you need to fix, and then he gives you tools to fix them. And that is the best part. So I realized that I can actually do a lot. Finally, I found a girlfriend, I finally got myself together to get driver's license and in the driver's license school courses, I find, I found a girl that I really like, and that has never happened to me before like that.

So that's really exciting. So I'm in control company. I have a girlfriend, my mom, my mom asked me to mow the lawn every day. And the, I have met also great people through the course. Uh, there's this affiliate affiliation. I think I used the wrong word, but, uh, there is this partner, uh, Tom from, uh, UK. Uh, great guy was always nice to talk with him.

And, um, right now, um, when I'm feeling filming this video, In one hour, I have a meeting with, uh, Latvia's biggest construction companies, the, not the CEO, but the hae, the head, the general manager, whatever. And I was supposed to go with my colleague with another guy who knows what I'm doing. And he got sick yesterday.

So right now, I'm going to go alone in a room full of board members or whatever they're called and I will have to handle it. And I will, this will be the first time in my life. I will have such a audience and I'm pretty stressed right now, but, um, we'll see how it goes and just really trying not to think about, and.

But get over it. I will do my best. Um, so wish me luck. I felt this was pretty unstructured, but I hope you get the point.

So short summary about the course. It will really, really help you if you want to get better, if you want to get better at doing things and not doing them later, because he gives you actual tools to work with. Like I said before, it's not just that he gives you Andrew, that Andrew gives you motivation and drive or whatever.

You, if you want to get better, Andrew can definitely help you with this procrastination course. So thank you. I'm in the best place I have ever been in my life right now, and I know I will be in better one soon and day by day, I continue to climb.

Thank you, Andrew. Have a good one. Everyone else see you around.

If you procrastinate, I want to speak with you.